Always-On User's Guide

This page provides you with instructions for operating your Always-On Tuner. Find a section that identifies the information that you need then click on the link for details. We provide you with the steps needed to accomplish a task.

Setting up the Always On Tuner

Before you begin using your always on radio you must place it on your land. We provide simple setup instructions to get you started here.

Operating your Always On Tuner

After your radio is setup on your land you will want to select a station to play. You might also want to know the title of the current song. Our catalog contains more than 36 music genre and hundreds of Internet radio stations. For basic operating instructions, click here.

Permitting Users to operate the Always On Tuner

The Always On service lets you specify which users can operate the tuner. There are three levels of access. These are locked, unlocked, and group access. If you setup a radio on group owned land you might want to pay special attention to the information about the group access level. For instructions on configuring user access levels, click here.

Working with your favorite list of channels

Always-On lets you customize a list of favorite channels. These may include mp3 streams, Shoutcast playlists, Icecast playlists, or iTunes play lists. You can have up to 12 custom radio stations in a favorite genre. To find instructions to personalize your favorites, click here

Working with Remote Controlled Tuners

With the version 7 release your Always On radios acting in managed mode can be controlled remotely by another radio acting in manager mode. You can also operate a radio independently when it is in unmanaged mode. You can find instructions on managing your radios remotely here.

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