Frequently Asked Questions.

When I touch the tuner nothing happens. Why is that?

If there is a issue with tuner it will usually whisper at you on the local chat channel. Try moving closer. Within 20 meters of the tuner you can read its messages. The Always On tuner is designed for reliability. We test each feature before a new version is released. The tuner works once you set it up correctly. If you cannot get a menu after setup take the tuner into your inventory and then drop it back on your land to reset all the scripts. When all else fails send an instant message to Etienne Brando describing your problem.

I cannot get the tuner to work it keeps saying "My Owner and the Parcel Owner is not the same"

Tuner will not begin to function until you have placed it on land that you own or on group owned land where the tuner is deeded to the group. As the message states the tuner must be owned by the same person or group that owns the land that the tuner is on. Please follow the setup instructions.

I cannot get the Always-On tuner to work it whispers. "Parcel is Group Owned. If want me to work here, deed me to the group that owns this land."

Since your land is group owned you must first deed the tuner to the group that owns the land. You can discover the group who owns the land by looking at the general tab on the About Land window. Our setup instructions should help you to resolve this issue.

I just purchased a subscription to the Always-On service but the tuner still shows only the basic channels

There are two possible ways to resolve this issue. Your tuner might not have had enough time to activate your subscription or the tuner is on group owned land.

If your tuner is on privately owned land and you are the owner then you just need to reload the tuner by clicking on the reload button. In most cases the reload button is on the main menu. In some versions of the tuner the reload button is in the options menu. Once you reload the tuner your subscription will be activated. If your friend owns the parcel and you purchased the subscription then you must transfer your subscription to the tuner's owner by pressing the transfer button before reloading the tuner.

If your tuner is on group owned land then you will have to transfer your subscription to the group that owns the land. You can do this easily with the transfer button on the tuner's menu. The transfer button can be found on the tuner's main menu or on the options menu.

When I select a station the music URL is set on my land but I hear only silence. Why is that?

There are a number of different reasons that you might not hear the music stream.

  1. Make sure that your have clicked on the play button in your viewer.
  2. In your viewer preferences, make sure your are setup to Play streaming music when available or Allow media to autoplay
  3. The music stream can get busy when the maximum number of listeners have been exceeded. Use the Next Stream button on the Tuner's menu to try another stream when more than one is available.
  4. The music stream might have gone off-line since the last time the always on service checked. If that is the case, the stream will be removed from the tuner's station list.

How do I allow members of my group to operate the Always-On Tuner on land that I own?

When your land is privately owned you can still allow members of a group to use the tuner. You do this by setting the tuner's group. Here are the steps.

  1. Right click on the tuner and select the edit option on the pie menu.
  2. Click on to the general tab. If the general tab is not visible in the edit window then click on the More button.
  3. Next to the group setting press the Set.. Button to select the Group that you want to allow the tuner to permit.
  4. Choose a group then press the Ok button
  5. The Group in the edit window should now display the name of the group you selected.

Members of the group set for the tuner can now operate the tuner when their group tag is activated. The tuner will complain by whispering a message when their group tag does not match to the same group as the one set for the tuner.

These instructions work when the land is privately owned. When the land is group owned addition steps are necessary.

How do I activate my group tag to gain access to the music selection

We are assuming that the access level of the tuner is set to "Group." and that the land is group owned or you have set a group for the tuner on privately owned land. If this is the case the the following steps should do the trick.

  1. Right click on your avatar and select the Groups... option on the pie menu.
  2. Select the group that matches the group set for the tuner.
  3. Click on the Activate button.
  4. Close the group selection window.
  5. The group tag should appear hovering over your avatars name.

Once you have the tag activated and the group matches the group set for the tuner you should be allowed to operate the tuner.

How do I lock the Always-On tuner to prevent others from changing the music on my land

With version 5.0 and above we have introduced an Access setting that can be found on the Options menu. When you first dropped the tuner on your land the access level will be set to Group. You can lock the tuner such that only the owner and a set of others listed in the access.list notecard are allowed to operate it. Follow the instructions to lock your tuner.

  1. Touch the tuner to get the main menu. Remember to activate the group tag when the tuner's access level is set to Group.
  2. Click on the Options button to get the Options menu.
  3. On the Options menu, click on the Access button. This will bring up the Access Level menu.
  4. On the Access Level menu, click on the Locked button.
  5. The tuner should report the new access level that you have selected.

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