The Always-On Music Service

Your Always-On music selector uses an online web service to provide easy to use advanced access to internet radio for your second life. The service includes:

Why The Always-On Music Service

Always-On is a must have second life object we believe you want to have in your inventory and on your second life parcels. The Always on music service takes second life music to a higher level by adding memory, search, and ease of selection features that are hard to find in a single media controller.

If you choose not to subscribe, the Always-On tuner will automatically revert to the basic service level and continue to provide always available internet music on your land.

On the other hand, the Always On tuner is free and the service is fairly priced. You will have low upfront cost to establish full featured continuously updated music service at home, a club, a mall, or a rental facility.

Go to the Always-On store to purchase a subscription when you want continue premium service after the initial 7 day trial period.


At any time, you can teleport to the Always-On store and pay the subscription agent for the amount of time you want. Prices are posted at the store. At the same time you can take a copy of the latest selector by buying it for L$0.

Subscriptions are transferrable between music selector owners. You can buy a subscription for your friends, or donate your subscription to a group who owns land.

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